Revolut Review 2019: Pros and Cons

If you live the digital nomad lifestyle, or perhaps the international Playboy lifestyle, you need a banking solution that adapts to your needs and goals, and that is why Revolut was invented, for people like you.

I have reviewed it for you, so you don’t have to. I have highlighted the pros and cons and accompanied it with a straightforward analysis that puts everything together.

Without anything more to add, let’s begin!

Revolut Pros and Cons: Why Should You Use It?


  • Perfect for Frequent Travelers and Digital Nomads – Cheap exchange rates and flexibility for your needs
  • Free and Unlimited International and FX Transfers – Perfect for your lifestyle
  • Full and Direct Access to Cryptocurrencies – An increasingly-popular market and space
  • Free Travel Insurance – Another reason why it is excellent for digital nomads
  • Free Virtual Cards – To secure every online transaction to the fullest
  • Cashback – Up to 1%
  • Banking License – To guarantee standing orders, direct debits and deposits
  • Amazing Customer Support – Always ready to help when you need it the most


  • 5% fee if you spend over $6,300 USD or 5,000 pounds per month
  • 5-1.5% fee on weekends to compensate currency exchange rate fluctuations

I will let you know how you can overcome the cons, so you get only the benefits!


You and I can relate because we both like to travel and like the digital nomad lifestyle. Therefore, I know how hard it is to send and receive payments, a real hassle in fact, but fortunately, Revolut makes it super easy.

In fact, I have to say that it is superior to other services that I have tried in the past. It is efficient, fully legit, brings you access to cryptocurrencies, brings you cashback, unlimited international transfers, and free travel insurance.

I also like the fact that they bring you free virtual cards because it is a great measure to protect against online fraud and theft.

In comparison to other cards and banking apps, it offers you fair currency exchange rates. When we talk about low amounts of money, it is not noticeable, but when you spend more money, and especially in the long term, it becomes crucial, because you will end up saving a lot of cash.

Their customer support service is very efficient. They always come back with a solution in a timely manner, which is essential when you have an emergency.

If you want to avoid the weekend fees, all you have to do is to get money from an ATM on Friday. A simple yet effective hack 😉

In conclusion, I recommend Revolut because it is an authentic solution for digital nomads and frequent travelers. Its benefits will make your life much easier.

Closing Thoughts:

Now you have an ideal solution for your finances, international traveler. They have a solid product, great benefits, and amazing customer support service. The perfect combo.

That’s all, but if you have more questions, just let me know and I will answer.


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