GetResponse Review 2019

Best Email Marketing Tool? – Pros and Cons

You already know that email marketing is essential for the success of your business, because it allows you to build strong bonds with your customers, and hence, it makes it easy to keep selling. Over and over again.

It is profitable and it will fuel the growth of your business, however, you need to choose the right tool… and is GetResponse what you need?

That’s the question we will answer today, with this straightforward review updated for 2019. I will let you know the pros and cons of using this popular marketing tool, as well as my personal opinion and analysis.

Summarizing: The Pros and Cons of GetResponse Email Marketing


  • Affordable Price – Low-entry barrier for many marketers
  • Awesome deliverability – Your subscribers will get your message
  • Excellent Interface – Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Tons of Templates and Images – To make your emails beautiful and stunning
  • Automation Made Easy – To automate every single aspect of your campaigns like a pro
  • Easy and Effective A/B Testing – To find out the best performing emails


  • Low attachment size limit – Only 400kb
  • Expensive for large lists


Personally, I really like GetResponse because it offers tremendous value for the price. Although it gets more expensive for large lists, it still offers tremendous value.

You can completely customize your opt-in forms, to capture more leads, even if you have no idea of coding. It makes everything as easy as drag n’ drop. You have lots of templates and images to use, so you can craft the perfect email that will delight your customers and drive more sales.

Deliverability is a must for email marketing because if your message cannot arrive, you got nothing. Nothing. Fortunately, GetResponse has an excellent deliverability rate, which guarantees that your messages will get straight into the inbox of your customers.

Furthermore, it makes automation easy, because you don’t need any coding experience or knowledge. You can use the if-then logic to set up your email list campaigns, to send specific emails to every type of subscriber in your list.

Finally, I love how easy it makes A/B testing, which is essential to find the best performing emails, and therefore, optimize your results to their fullest. GetResponse complements it with:

  • One Click Segmentation
  • Email Campaign Comparison

Uniting these functions with A/B testing will allow you to identify which emails and campaigns are causing a real impact, so you can perfect them further and get the most results from every single email you send.

It will also let you know more about your audience, for example, what kind of content they like, what kind of language they like the most, what phrases resonate with them the most, etc.

Therefore, GetResponse will help you to make more money.

I, definitively, recommend it to you. One of the best email marketing tools of 2019!

Final Thoughts:

As you have seen, GetResponse is a rock star of email marketing. One of the most reliable tools you can have in your arsenal because it will help you from collecting emails until sending them and optimizing your campaigns.

If you have more questions about it, just let me know!



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