Fiverr pros & cons

It is one of the biggest freelancing and gig websites in the world, and these stats are more than enough to believe it:

  • 5+ Million Buyers
  • 830,000 Sellers and Freelancers
  • 50+ Million Monthly Transactions
  • 200 Categories

Since 2010 it has evolved a lot, becoming an authentic giant in 2019.

However, is it a good idea to use it? Not because it is popular it means it is the best freelancing platform for you, but in this Fiverr review for 2019, you will know everything about it.

Summary: The Pros and Cons of Fiverr


  • Services at very cheap prices – Starting at only $5 USD
  • A wide variety of services – It covers 200 categories
  • Easy to use its – Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Fiverr protects your money – It will be on hold until the seller fulfills your order and you mark it as complete


  • Some services are bad quality – You need to screen before you buy


I recommend people to use Fiverr because you can find some golden nuggets in there, but it is all about keeping your expectations realistic.

For example, you can find many content writers, but expecting to get an article you could publish at Forbes for $5 USD is too much to ask. It is unrealistic and it will only get you disappointed.

Instead, if you wanted unique content to build pillar posts in your website, to build local and topic relevance, you can find many good writers willing to do it for only $5 USD.

The same goes if you need a logo. If you only want to pay five bucks, you will still get a decent logo you can use in a micro-niche website or a small blog.

However, if you need a logo for a big brand or an important website, it is a completely different story. Fortunately, Fiverr allows you to upgrade your order, of course, at an extra cost.

It is all about looking at things realistically, and of course, you need to screen the sellers before you place an order. Reviews help a lot with this, however, if you want to check even more feedback, you can search for the username of the seller on Google, which will return you with discussions on forums and communities (many times).

Fiverr is great for:

  • Data entry
  • Account creation
  • Content writing (Mainly filler content, although, you can find some good writers)
  • Translation (I’ve found several good translators in there, again, keep your expectations realistic)
  • Graphic design
  • Voiceovers (It has many talented artists)
  • Video creation

Here you have it, everything you wanted to know about Fiverr in a nutshell.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts:

As you can see, Fiverr is a great platform, but it is all about using it for the right works and keeping your expectations realistic, as well as screening sellers before you buy.

Next time I’ll share a list with my favorite Fiverr sellers in every category, to save you time and money!

I hope that helps, and if you have more questions, just let me know!



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