Brave browser

brave browser


Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

Brave loads major news sites 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome/Safari on mobile and 2 times faster than Chrome on desktop. brave time saved


No more data charges to download unwanted content.

The average mobile browser user pays as much as $23 a month in data charges to download ads and trackers — that’s $276 a year. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you don’t pay for them.


Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count.

Popular sites often host multiple ads and as many as 70 trackers per site. Worse, most leading ad blockers still allow trackers through to profile your location, behavior and other browsing activity. protect your privacy


Brave blocks the software that follows you around.

The “private” browsing mode that others offer is not truly private. Brave’s many privacy features, including “Private Tabs with Tor,” stop trackers and provide a deep level of protection. tor browser

Designed to Offer Faster and Secure Web Browsing Experience

  There was a time when Windows’s Internet Explorer was the only web browser. People who were using this browser did not know that how fast web browser can perform. The Mozilla Firefox changed the way people used to access the internet and then Apple’s Safari entered the market. The only browser which got regular users from all across the globe is Google Chrome. It is the best of the best browsers. It is fast, feature-rich, and constantly growing. It is pretty tough for other browsers to match the performance of Google Chrome, but a new browser is gaining a huge response from the users. It is the Brave Browser which has moved one step closer to Chrome and it wills to offer a better solution than Chrome. This new browser is funded via the initial coin offerings.Brendan Eich ,an American technologist and creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozzila is the CEO of Brave Software.It has recently surpassed 3 million active users which are quite fascinating for any new web browser. This blockchain powered web browsing tool is also listed among the world’s leading 10 applications on the Google Play Store. The founders believe that Brave Browser can easily surpass a magical number of five million users which is also a milestone for the owners.

Brave passed 3 million monthly active users in July 2018. and Hits 10 Million Downloads in Google Play Store in august 2018.

brave user growth


Featuring custom interface:

Brave attracted many users because of using Google’s open-source Chromium project for its key features, displaying websites, and function processing. Now you can get a new and updated version in which has implemented its patent user interface which is developed on a project known as Muon. The new version will feature tabs underneath the address bar. Google Chrome and other web browsers feature the tabs above the address bar which Brave has changed to offer a new and unique look. The open-source tool featured by with its updated browser is quite beneficial and useful in the tech industry. The startups can use it to proceed fast and reduce the cost required for established business. The open source projects featured by other browsers like Google’s Chromium, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Apple’s WebKit can be personalized by anybody to any extent. The Brave browser will apply some practical limits in order to prevent too much deviation from the mainstream projects.

Featuring faster web browsing experience:

The users switch the web browsers depending on the way they perform. An ordinary user always wants one thing in a web browser and that is speed. People do not like the Internet Explorer because it is probably one of the slowest web browsers in the world. Thought the browsing speed also depends on the internet speed of the user, Brave still performs better. This blockchain-powered web browser takes only 2.55 seconds to search a query, whereas Google Chrome takes up to 6.80 seconds and Mozilla Firefox takes 7.83 seconds, as endorsed on In other words, Brave is 3-times faster than the most popular web browsers in the world. It performs exceptionally well on desktops when compared with Chrome and Firefox. So, if you want to use a fast web browser, Brave Browser is probably the best option you have. This browser loads pages 2-times faster because there is nothing to learn, install, or manage. When it comes to performing better on the mobile device, Brave does not disappoint its users. The developers have tested this browser on a variety of popular mobile devices. Brave has always proven its superiority in terms of speed. This browser can search queries much faster on both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, it can easily attract millions of users who are seeking a faster web browser than Chrome and other popular browsers.

Made web browsing safer:

This browser is designed especially to fight malware and avert tracking. believes in keeping users’ details safe and prevents the loss of data. Hence it is using the blockchain technology, their top priority remains to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the users’ data.

Not working to sell personal data:

The internet users nowadays complain a lot about the way websites and browsers use their personal information and share with unauthorized parties. Brave is introduced to prevent all these issues. Your data will be completely secure because Brave does not check or store your web browsing details. The way you access the internet stays private. Your web browsing history will be stored only on your device and it will get vanished only when you will delete it. In other words, Brave does not share or sell your web browsing data. It is a big relief for those, who are searching for the legal and illegal ways of preventing their privacy.

Customize the way you want to use your browser:

The brave browser allows you to download, research, and install new extensions in order to safely configure the way you want to use it. You can easily maintain the browser settings and extension settings as long as you want. Even though you will have to check Brave’s privacy policy before making the changes, this browser itself will perform many critical tasks automatically to meet your web browsing requirements.

Blocks unwanted ads and trackers:

Brave Shields is capable of blocking ads and trackers in order to offer a safe, fast, and private web browsing experience. The traditional web browsers cannot prevent websites from tracking and identifying you. It is a big flaw that Brave has eliminated by using the most cutting-edge technologies. This browser also allows the users to customize their shields. The users can personalize the settings for each website. They can also track how many trackers and ads are being blocked by Brave in order to offer a better web browsing experience.

Auto security upgrades:

In order to improve the security levels, Brave automatically upgrades to HTTPS for featuring encrypted and secure communication. An ordinary web browser would require an insecure connection to perform this task. If you are using the Brave browser, you must notice how many sites and trackers are trying to affect your web browsing experience. It will show you how much threatening unsafe web browsing can be.

Reliable default settings:

If you do not have time to change the default settings in order to meet your security requirements, you can trust Brave browser’s default settings. This browser features default settings, set to block malware, phishing, and malvertising. The default settings of the Brave browser also prevent plugins that have known to cause security risks. The way this browser automatically protects your PC and mobile devices are simply amazing. That’s why this browser has successfully lured over 3 million active users in such a short lifespan.

Brave Browser’s business model for the websites:

It is one of the basic liabilities of web browsers to prevent harmful websites, add-ons, and adware/malware from reducing the users’ web browsing experience. The Brave browser handles this task more seriously than any other web browser. The website owners might be wondering how we would earn money if Brave will block all the ads and trackers. This platform has a different business model. It has introduced the BAT tokens that work as cryptocurrency within the Brave platform. The users will activate Brave Payments in order to give a little back to the web portals they visit the most. That’s how the users will help in the promotion of content they like the most. It does not mean that Brave will charge money for using its services. It is totally up to the users that they want to support their favorite content creators or not. The users can choose Brave Payments option in order to contribute financially to the growth of high-quality and highly useful content. The users can pay a few dollars in a month that will be divided between websites you visit the most. That’s how the website owners can earn money using the natural way of making money online by endorsing good services.

The Basic Attention Token

    bat The BAT or Basic Attention Token is a decentralized ad exchange which is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will offer more efficient ad exchange and aid in making Brave browser safer, privacy-centric and more useful for the users. This web browser features a built-in ledge that automatically and anonymously catches the user’s attention. That’s how publishers are rewarded with the BAT. With this specific business model, the ad publishers can make more money than they earn on other web browsers. user attention How to Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Final thoughts: After assessing all the aspects of Brave Browser and the BAT token, we can say that it is providing the users with a unique web browsing experience. This browser is going to win millions of new users. It will draw people who are looking for secure, private, and ad-free web browsing experience. It is fast, efficient, and equipped with the latest technology. If you are impressed with Brave’s features and want to use this browser, you must acquire the BAT tokens. That’s how you can support Brave’s vision of providing ad-free and harmful malware-free web browsing experience. You can get the latest version of this web browser here and download it to browse the web faster.







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