Blockfi Complete and Unbiased Analysis

The blockchain revolution has brought us several innovative companies and services, and Blockfi is one of them.

This cutting-edge technology promises to disrupt many industries, if not all, and finances is one of the most promising fields because companies like Blockfi redefine loans and interest accounts.

Two financial products powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I like the concept, however, it deserves an unbiased review, and that’s exactly what I will share with you today.

Pros and Cons of Blockfi: A Proper Summary


  • Fair Interest Rate – From 10% to 13%
  • No Credit Score Check – You can apply despite your current credit status
  • Cryptocurrencies as a Collateral – You can use your assets to borrow money
  • Interest-only Payments – Pay the interests first and the original borrowed amount at the end
  • Super-fast Application and Approval – You could receive your loan in as little as 24 hours


  • You need a big stack of cryptocurrencies to claim a loan – At least $15 USD worth of BTC or ETH
  • Origination fees – Although, it is only 1%


If you need a loan, but traditional institutions won’t bring it to you; or because you don’t trust them as I do, Blockfi brings you a great opportunity to borrow money using your cryptocurrencies as collateral, while offering you a super-low interest rate.

It doesn’t perform any kind of hard credit check, so, even if your score is bad, you can still get a loan, as long as you meet their requirements.

However, you need at least $15,000 USD worth of BTC and ETH to use the system, something that can put off many holders. Nonetheless, truth be told, it is a good measure to protect the ecosystem and keep it working.

It is a con in a sense, but a huge advantage in another, because it guarantees the functioning and continuity of the service in the long term because it protects Blockfi and its customers.

Another huge advantage is that it uses the interest-only system, which makes it different to other companies that offer similar financial products because if you browse around, you will see that most expect you to pay a % of the borrowed amount + interests every period.

Yes, I know about the origination fees, but it is only 1%, and in fact, it is worth it in exchange for the fast funding time and low-interest rates.

Finally, I love how fast they are. If you need a loan in a hurry, worry not, because their usual TAT is only 24 hours, which is time record, especially when you compare it to traditional financial institutions.

I recommend Blockfi because it is a great loans system that uses cryptocurrencies as collateral and brings you a fair interest rate.

It is a great way to get cash in your hand when you really need it because their TAT is super fast.

Anyways, if you have more questions about it, just let me know and I will help you.


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